Welcome to KGB Clothing

KGB clothing is the first stop for all your T-shirt printing needs. Rock n Roll punk ethic meets Situationist subversion. We print tshirts with images that we like, that means no capitalist sell outs for the sake of a few extra pounds. KGB is a pantheon to the people who matter. You won't find our clothes on the high street, in those watered down style factories that have no substance other than to churn out identical robots for minds. The past no longer exists, the time is now so make it shine like Sirius.

How To Order

You can either use the shopping cart buttons or just send us a message through the contact page or email us with your order. From there we'll send you a Paypal money request (you'll need to have an account setup). Then once you process the transaction we'll mail your t shirt out within 5 working days.

If you're looking for a size or colour that we don't have listed then give us a shout, we may be able to help you out.

T-Shirt Print Example

left hand gang baader meinhoff print

Check Out Our Flickr Page Too See More Eamples Of Our Prints

You can check out our Flickr page for example sof our T Shirt prints here

printed t shirts

Quality Control

All images are printed onto 100% cotton tees, the shit is built to last yet fade gracefully with every new wash. Hopefully in years to come, your purchase today will become your favourite t-shirt of tomorrow. We want to give people what they want not what they are told that they need.

Print Your Own Designs

We also run a service that let's you expose your band / ideas to the general public, ie. we can print your logo or image onto a t-shirt. This means you sending us your design and us putting it onto a t-shirt for you. This can be for a minimum run of 10, or more if you have the ambition. For details of prices etc. reach us through the contact page in this site. We come from music and have it in our veins, we know everything about being in bands, we live it and love it. So send us your ideas which we can make into a reality.

Come Back Soon

We hope to add new designs on a regular basis, so if you don't see anything that hits the button first time, you can rest assured that on your next visit that there may be something waiting for you.